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Bingo is a card game made popular in the world. Bingo is a game of chance wherein each player compares numbers printed in patterns on 5×5 cards. The game requires a Bingo Master or game host who is responsible for drawing the numbers at random. Once the number is called, the player then marks their cards with tiles. The player then identifies certain patterns for them to be recognized as “Bingo!” which means they have already obtained a pattern in their cards then the Bingo master will examine the winning cards to verify the winning numbers. After a winner has been declared, the players will clear their cards of the tiles and the Bingo Master will start a new round of play.


The most common type of Bingo cards is pieces of cardboard or thick paper which contains 5×5 dimension or  25 squares arranged in five columns and five rows. Each grid contains a specific number from 1 through 75. The columns of the card are labeled “B”, “I”, “N”, “G”, and “O” reading from left to right. The center grid is marked “Free”… The range of printed numbers that can appear on the card is identified by column, with the “B” column containing numbers between 1 and 15  the “I” column containing only 16 through 30, “N” containing 31 through 45, “G” containing 46 through 60, and “O” containing 61 through 75.


It is no secret that Bingo is a well-known activity for seniors, and it turns out that it can provide more than just entertainment. Apparently, there are health benefits from playing the game.  Bingo is a great way of exercising mental muscles and helps the brain to function better. Playing the game also help make emotional and physical health to be better since aside from it is a fun-filled game, people can also make social connections from their playmates.

August 2022


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